What are we going to live on? Space food? Going out to eat? One-pot meals? As long as our stomach is filled we are happy!
In remote areas and expensive countries we will primarily be cooking for ourselves. To do so we’ll be using the following gear:

Coleman Sportster 533
This burner is recommended in Chris Scott’s Adventure Motorcycling Handbook. As we ran into this burner for 60 euro on we immediately bought it. During our vacation to the Nordkapp in 2011, the burner proved itself. We frequently used it and did so to our complete satisfaction.

The big advantage of using petrol compared to gas is that it is available everywhere, our motorbikes run on it (so we always have it with us) and it burns on all heights and at low temperatures.

MSR Quick 2 System
A compact set of pans for two persons. Containing:
* 1 Big (2.5l) pan
* 1 Small (1.5l) pan
* 1 Cover / drainer
* 2 Deep plates
* 2 Isolated mugs with cover

All parts can be fitted in the biggest pan, which is covered and closed by the handle.

Also this set has proven to be of great value during our trip to the Nordkapp.

Leatherman Surge
Initially bought as a multi purpose tool, to do some quick repairs, etc. But the knives are so sharp, that we really love it for cutting up meat and vegetables. The serrated knife especially works well on bread.

Coghlans cutting mat
One of the things we really missed during our Nordkapp trip, was a cutting board. We used the plates and lids of plastic containers instead. But as the Leatherman is so sharp, they are now covered with cutting marks. Finally we bumped into the Coghlans cutting mat, which is no more than just an A4 size sheet of plastic. But we love it! It stands up to the cutting force of the Leatherman and takes up no space at all.

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